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Young's originally founded in 1998, is one of the early into the waterproof industry enterprises in China, its mainly by young's construction corporation (and national) branch, Yang da companies such as waterproof. Waterproof product sales network and waterproof project contracting business throughout the country, has a strong influence in the southwest market.

The sichuan young's waterproof material co., LTD. Is a collection of waterproof material research and development, production, sales, waterproof project construction contracting and technical advisory services in an integrated high-tech waterproof professional enterprise. The company's business philosophy is "technology innovation industry xingbang". Company is the standing director unit of China association of building waterproof, waterproof branch of China construction industry association, China association of building waterproof waterproof coating technology branch member units, sichuan building waterproof association, vice President of units, shenzhen waterproofing industry association member units. The company has the national waterproof and heat preservation first class qualification.

Company production base is located in the southwest of chengdu, sichuan province, has the domestic leading level of the modified asphalt waterproof coiled material production line, adhesive waterproof coiled material production line, the wet laid before paving waterproof coiled material production line, the reaction sticky waterproofing materials production lines, high polymer waterproof coiled material production line, the polyurethane waterproof coating production line, the elastic waterproof coating production line, the modified asphalt waterproof coating production line, the rigid waterproof coating production line, waterproof plugging materials and supporting auxiliary materials production line. Its production capacity is: waterproofing materials, 30 million ㎡ / waterproof coating and auxiliary waterproof materials 100000 tons/year.

The company through long-term research and development of science and technology innovation and capital investment, young's enterprises get numerous breakthroughs in the field of product innovation, in the protection of intellectual property rights and scientific and technological inventions accumulated for the dozens of patent and trademark registration. Its technical level is at the forefront of the country. The company's production capacity, technology research and development, construction services and other comprehensive strength in the domestic industry is one of the leading enterprises.

Since the establishment of the company has to undertake a waterproof project, hundreds of domestic key projects such as: Civil Aviation Flight University, the national grain reserves, Coca-Cola (Sichuan) beverage company, Chengdu Furong City, Chengdu Xinjin Chengdu, Qingbaijiang Datong Atlantis, placing the real, comprehensive building of Sichuan Power Bureau, Chengdu Australia Bay, Chengdu Chinese financial center, Chengdu Department of finance the World Trade Plaza, Chengdu real estate trade Cloud Lake, Guang'an Yuechi East New District underground pipe gallery, Guang'an Nanhu Chengdu Huayang Beichen, the piping times of peace, Chengdu Tianfu new lake is booming resettlement housing, the second gas station and Chengdu Chongqing high-speed service area, Sichuan City, Tongjiang Kelun pharmaceutical, Bazhong County People's court, Bazhong Fortune Plaza, Xichang combination hospital Liangshan Chinese and Western medicine, Chongqing tea garden of public rental housing, the western suburbs of Guiyang waterworks, Zunyi Loushanguan Guizhou tunnel, 361 Aerospace Engineering (Linquan motor), Guizhou province disease prevention control center, Guizhou provincial Party school, Guiyang real estate China hydropower house concept No. 1, Guiyang Yinhai Plaza, Guiyang Kempinski, coal Panjiang heavy industries, big real estate Guiyang ecological landscape garden, Guiyang city transit investment group, China Railway Real Estate Guiyang Yat the international community, the Guiyang Hengda Hengda City, Guiyang Telford center, WAL-MART Guiyang Shopping Center (people's Square), the first real estate Guiyang opened the first Cheshire, Guiyang flower orchard transformation of the old city (shantytowns) project, Guiyang ten Jincheng Guiyang Kyushu, Shanghai Trade City, the new museum of Guizhou Province, Guiyang R & F Center No. 1, Guiyang City Public Security Bureau office building, Guiyang Yuhong Flower City, Guiyang qilongelectric Guizhou tower, Guiyang Le Bay International, Guiyang comprehensive free trade zone for the housing, expensive Chinese medicine hospital in Fuquan City, Shougang steel (shantytowns) expensive renovation project, China Railway Real Estate Guiyang Yue lake......
The company operating in good faith and a good social reputation and many real estate developers and the general contractor for the formation of long-term strategic cooperative relations, such as: in the construction of five, built in four innings, two bureau of China Railway, China Railway eight bureau, Shanghai Railway Bureau, electric power construction group, Guizhou construction group, China Metallurgical Group, Hunan Construction Engineering Group, Chongqing construction group, Huaxi Group, Chengdu Construction Engineering Group, the first construction group, China Railway Real Estate Group, Guizhou Yongji real estate group, Shougang, Guizhou qilongelectric estate, Guizhou Hong Li city group, Guizhou Zhongtian group......
Yang's "Da" waterproof material is widely used in roofing, basement, kitchen and bathroom, swimming pool, underground pipe gallery, subway, high-speed railway, expressway, bridge deck, tunnel, airport, landfill site and so on.
Companies adhere to the people-oriented, technology and innovation as the motive force of the enterprise sustainable development, and always adhere to the development of high technology content, high quality and high performance of new environmental protection waterproof material for the core competitiveness of enterprises, and "dedicated, professional focus, development of building waterproofing industry. Uphold the integrity of management, quality of social contribution force tuiyou.