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The new website of Yang's company, Yang's waterproof website, has been launched

Click:2017Publisher:Yang'sRelease time:2018-01-08

As the young's unceasing development, to strengthen the publicity of network media, improve enterprise social image, and at the same time in order to better serve the broad masses of customers, convenient and quick understanding of our business, the young's group chengdu sharp meiyun jointly business network technology co., LTD. Technical team after two months of efforts to burnish, Yang Yang da group - of waterproof website officially launched in January 1, 2018. The website integrates the most advanced PHP frameworks and WEB design styles in China to present a more complete design experience for you.

Yang's waterproof Chinese official: www.ysdfs.cn
Yang's waterproof global English website: www.ysdfs.net
Young's group purchasing platform: http://www.ysdfs.cn/Home/User/login.html
In addition, the website address of Yang's construction of sichuan branch is: www.gzysdfs.com
The website of Yang's construction head office is being built: www.ysdjs.net www.gzysdjs.com. ..
Yang's legal website is based on the entrance to the website of the group's website, which is waterproof. Please remember do not belong to the young's da group co., LTD gz-ysd.com, please careful access to avoid being cheated!

2017 is the young's enterprise management of the construction of the institutionalization of a year, a year is also actively expand strategy, 2017 young's waterproof set up research and development of enterprise technology center, and compared with the sichuan xihua university to establish production-study-research cooperation between colleges and increasing with colleges of technology integration, young's reach in management, technology research and development, business development and so on various aspects have yielded fruitful results. Company closely around the goal of enterprise management, solid foundation, to promote the Internet the whole industrial chain strategy, adhere to the innovative technology research and development path, gradually improve technology platform, the core technology matures, solid steps to achieve steady and fast development enterprise.

Looking forward to the future, Yang will continue to adhere to the development strategy of "Internet comprehensive services", and gradually make great progress. Under the leadership of the enterprise, we will be prepared to accept more severe tests and stand in the front of the industry. We believe that, after the continuous baptism, Yang's will be like the eagle flying high, to the wider and more blue sky, the wings to fly!

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